MKUP® Breathing Concealer + 5D Precision Master Brush


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High Coverage Breathing Concealer

Clinically tested high coverage power combines with a surprisingly lightweight consistency, is non-greasy and easy to apply thanks to the anti-thickness pigments. It’s so pigmented a little drop will go a long way. What really sets it apart is how lightweight it feels on skin, skin could actually breathe despite its rich consistency.  Full-coverage concealers mask any imperfection you could imagine (acne scars, tattoo), without settling into fine lines or feeling heavy on your face even in thin layers and is the perfect corrector for dark under-eye, unpleasant spots and skin blemishes. The sebum-absorbing complex plus waterproof formulation makes perfect for long wearing formula, even for very oily skin. Vitamin A and Jacob’s tear essence is added to minimize pores, lighten scars and speed up wound healing. Suitable for sensitive skin 

5D Precision Master Brush - Big

Innovative 5D Slim Pentagon shaped brush designed for Precision Concealing Application.

Multi- functioned brush is designed for cream, liquid to powder foundation.
Blends beautifully, awesome for highlighting, contouring and concealing.
Perfect 60 degree angle cut allows the brush bristles to fit perfectly on all contours of face.
5D Pentagon tip gives precise application on all contours, tight edges of face, designed specifically for under eyes or edges of face. versatile with amazing definition.
Dense synthetic fine hair that is half the size of normal brush combined with 60 degree angle slate, to mimic the ergonomics of your fingers with more accuracy, weightless coverage and a nude skin glowing effect.

2 Items

1x High Coverage Breathing Concealer 01 Fair White or 02 Natural
1x 5D Big Precision Master Brush 

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